my story

Oh hai! I’m Marta, the creator + daydreamer behind the Loaf Story. Born and raised in Poland, I currently live in a small cottage in the quaint neighborhood of Dublin.

I’m married to the love of my life Kuba who is a chef and together we’re parenting mischievous and unbearably adorable dog Rosti. Ah and very soon we will be parents too! Little Tillie will be joining us on this amazing journey in July 2016!

I’m an old soul. For me, my life has always been about love, family, friends and sharing. I also like to be creative in everyday life. (and I’m pursuing this dream every single day). This realisation came to me after finding out how I’d want to live my life in the most honest, fulfilling way possible. I experiment in multiple areas and always like to discover new things to make and do.

Loaf Story started when we were living in Galway, in the West of Ireland. I was working like a madwoman and looking for a creative outlet to give me an excuse to focus more time on the things I’m passionate about. Since 2013 the Loaf Story has become a collection of my life stories, travels, family & friends. Connecting with people through food, sharing stories and supporting one another to live our dreams is what inspires me to write this blog. 

Long Table Supper Dublin

I use my blog as my personal creative outlet in which I share our stories and thoughts that may possibly inspire others to chase their dreams and live a simple, yet happily fulfilled life. So join me as I find ways to make life a little more charming!

I’m really glad you’re here! I hope you find inspiration from Loaf Story, in one way or another.

I love working with other creative talents on any photography needs, so please reach out if you think we might be a good fit! Email me at

You can also reach me via InstagramTwitterPinterestFacebook, YouTube and StellerI love hearing from new folks!

xxx, Marta


4 thoughts on “my story

  1. I came across your blog while trying to think of a strapline for my new Greek food blog. I was leaning towards Cook it. Eat it. Love it. but thought I should google first :) Now I’m following you on WP. Lovely photos by the way!


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad to get to see yours. I loved Galway and hope to get back there sometime soon! And I’m looking forward to reading about your food experiences.


  3. Hi Marta, I love your blog header – did you draw that yourself? It’s very cool. Sounds like you are settling into Dublin well. Hope you’re not missing Galway too much.


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