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Apple pie: Autumn apple pie
BBQ chicken & bacon skewers
Banana bread
Berry pie crust

Cassata Siciliana: From Sicily with love…
Cake: Blackberry & raspberry chocolate brownie cake
Cake: Peach and strawberry shortbread cake
Carrot cake: It’s a carrot thing…
Chicken & potatoes with lemon & herbs: One-pot-wonder recipe
Chickpea & lentil soup from Near East
Cheesecake: Blueberry cheesecake – step by step!
Cheesecake: Flower Power Cake
Chocolate orange cake: The king of chocolate cakes
French beef stew: Slow-cooked Boeuf Bourguignon
Gateau: Blueberry and almond gateau
Grandma’s remedies for cold (onion syrup and more)
Irish Lamb Stew
Jams: Jammin’ time
Kulfi (homemade, Indian ice cream with rose water & pistachios)
Meatballs: Pork & veggie meatballs – yummy healthy easy!
Oatmeal Cookie Bath
Pasta: Spinach pasta 30 minutes meal
Pie: Rhubarb pie
Pizza: Four cheese pizza made in Galway
Poppy seed rolls: Let me bake you happy
Red onion marmalade: Jars of cupboard love
Salad: Rogan Josh Salad with pappadums and spiced yogurt
Salad: Spanish chorizo & egg salad
rustic dill pickle soup

Strawberry tiramisu: Refreshing alternative
Treats for Kids
Walnut and pomegranate stew with chicken (Ariana Bundy’s recipe)


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