New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s me! Previously Cook it Eat it Love it! :)

Why a new name? Why the “Loaf Story”?

As many of you know, it’s been a fast-paced journey this year. I’ve been having a wonderful time cooking & picture-taking for Good nutrition cookbook, collaborating with other creative types and visual story telling with food taking the centre stage during my travels.
When I started this blog in early 2013, I did not have a clear vision about what to write and just chose a name that came to Jakub’s mind quickly, “Cook it Eat it Love it”. Over the course of last two years, this site has become more than just a food blog; it’s a collection of my life stories, travels, family & friends. Hence 
I decided to move operations under the Loaf Story umbrella and I would love if you joined me there;


I would like to say thank you to those who continue to check in here. It really means a lot!
I wish everyone a great start and that 2015 may be a healthy and blessed year for you and all your loved ones. I would love to hear what you guys think about this new look and name! 

Off to a fabulous New Year 2015!
xo, Marta


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

    1. thanks Anna! I think you have a lovely blog! Absolutely adore your design! I am just not sure if I can visit it often: I want to live in those spaces! ;)


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