Good nutrition cookbook

I thought I share some news with you. Recently I have kept a really low profile: no posts, not much activity on Twitter or Facebook. But there is a great reason for that: I am working on the book! No no, not my own! :)
I was invited by the UCC and the Breakthrough Cancer Research to be part of the non-profit project¬†developing a cookbook for patients with cancer who are experiencing cancer-induced weight loss. This book will contain advice and recipes tailored specifically for cancer sufferers. The book will be distributed to all of the cancer centres in Ireland and available to patients free of charge. I’m cooking & photographing all the recipes so it’s quite a responsibility. Therefore please keep your fingers crossed for the project! And feel free to share your thoughts! :)


PS. Here’s is sneak peak of the first pictures, just shiii :)

Dublin food blog. Smoothies

Dublin food blog. Smoothies

Dublin food blog. Smoothies


3 thoughts on “Good nutrition cookbook

    1. This is a “pilot” (around 50 recipes) to the bigger cookbook which will be launched later this year or early next year. This edition will be free of charge. We will travel to the 8 cancer centres of excellence and distribute copies to dietitians and oncologists working there. I can send you as many copies as you want. Also we are going to get graphic designer to build a nice PDF so we can email it out to international patients.


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