One-pot-wonder recipe

In her latest interview, Martha Steward said that we- food bloggers- are not experts…you know what? She is right!
I am not an expert when it comes to cooking, but it’s okay! I do make mistakes but it is my cooking journey, I enjoy it therefore I won’t stop cooking & blogging about it. I don’t pretend that I invented the wheel because I didn’t and I might never do.

But one thing, I believe, we- amateur cooks- do like experts: we appreciate good cookbooks!

Eat West 2013 cookbook, recently launched in Galway, is a real jewel! This collection of signature recipes provided by producers and restaurants from Galway, Clare and Mayo is extremely inspirational and the fact that all the recipes come from the West of Ireland, makes it even more worthy!

So last weekend I decided to re-create and enjoy what the West has to offer!

Here is the video of me cooking Heather’s, from McCambridge’s of Galway, one-pot-wonder; chicken & potatoes with lemon & herbs, mmmmm, super satisfying! :)

Video made by

If you also want to enjoy Heather’s one-pot-wonder at home, get your copy of this food lover’s tale :)

Eat West cookbook is available at or at the following locations:
Cases Wine Warehouse
Joyce Supermarkets
Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop
McCambridges of Galway


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