GOOD coffee or NO coffee! Dublin journey that changed the way I drink it

As many of you know, I spent last Bank Holiday Weekend in the Big Smoke :)

But it wasn’t just a visit, it was the Visit! I had a wonderful chance to spend some time with a person who brought something fresh to my “food life”. Gosia is a professional barista who properly introduced me to coffee, something that I always loved but not necessarily cherished and appreciated enough.

On Monday afternoon we went for a long walk which finished at 3fe on Lower Grand Canal Street (Third Floor Espresso). Gosia brought me to this magic place where people were smiling and…drinking excellent coffee :)

Brewing coffee, Buying coffee, Whole beans coffee  Best Coffee in Dublin 3fe

After testing this aromatic, freshly grinded and brewed coffee I realised nothing will be the same from now on; not coffee anyway! With Gosia’s help, I bought a bag of whole bean coffee and an aeropress (by far and away the best way to brew coffee without spending big money on an espresso machine)- I already know it was a perfect choice!

GHood coffee at home, brewing coffeem Galway coffee

Like with many other things in life, with coffee is not different; once you taste an honest cuppa, you will want to maintain this taste of excellence at home.

But how to do this? How to choose the GOOD coffee?

Well, thanks to Gosia I can now share a few tips with you how to buy a good coffee;

  1. go to the coffee shop where they sell fresh! whole bean coffee i.e. Galway Roast on Shop Street Galway
  2. check the roast date (avoid dark roasts)
  3. if you feel lost, ask for help, it’s very important you leave with a coffee you will enjoy

I always thought I should keep my coffee in the fridge, nothing more misleading. The best place to keep your coffee beans is stored in an airtight container and in a dark press.

I assume true coffee enthusiasts have coffee grinders. If not…why not?! ;) Try to grind your beans as close to the brew time as possible. For an aeropress or a stove pot, grind your beans fine like sand. For a french press use a coarse grind. Do not underestimate the importance of the size of the grind to the taste of your coffee.

It depends on what you use for it; a french press, a stove pot or an aeropress.
With a stove pot brew your coffee for about 8 minutes, with a french press for 4 minutes. I use an aeropress and the brew time is 2,5 minutes. Temperature? Coffee is best brewed between 85-95 degrees to bring out natural tones.

Brewing coffee at home, Grind your coffee, Whole beans coffee

After your coffee has been brewed, it should be enjoyed immediately! Take a moment to smell the aroma then take a sip and notice your coffee’s flavour.
A finely prepared cup of coffee should be enjoyed as thoughtfully as it was brewed, they say :)

Now, I am not going to write about types of coffee or where it comes from but I give you a few links which are worth checking out;

Some facts about coffee;
Interesting videos about processing coffee;
Videos about coffee making;
Inspiring story of Colin Harmon, multiple Barista Champion, who devoted everything he had to coffee;

So, who wants a cuppa now? My treat! :)

Coffee at 3fe in Dublin, Third Floor Espresso DubinPicture of a coffee


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