Boojum Galway – ¡Arriba México!

It’s another glorious, sunny afternoon in Galway. We cherish every moment of it :)

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After a long evening walk in Claddagh, we eventually get hungry and decide to head to town to pay a visit to Boojum and try their famous Mexican food. The moment we walk in, it’s like we cross the Mexico border; interior filled with evening sun rays, wooden walls and the smell of burrito, ahh this amazing smell of a hot Mexican burrito.

Mexican Bar Galway, Boojum in Galway

We queue. We grab two bottles of water. We look at the menu and already know; tacos! ;) We are greeted by the most friendly guy ever – he smiles, he asks “What can I get’ ya?”. Kuba orders soft tortillas. I can’t resist temptation and order hard corn ones – yes, it got messy but am with my husband, he’s seen worse pictures ;)

Friendly guy stuffs tortillas with Carnitas (shredded pork braised in herbs and spices), Pollo (chicken marinated in boojum blend of spices) and Barbacoa (shredded beef); three tortillas – each with different filling. We move to the girl who ads cheese, lettuce and salsa to our tacos. There is a big selection of salsas; tomato, sweet corn, verde and hot Roja :)
I’ve seen some people wearing “Boojum addicted” t-shirts, I want one too so I ask about the loyalty card. I get it from the girl at the till who kindly gives us two stamps. 2 stamps closer to the t-shirt; 38 more tacos- whoo hoo :)

We find a table for two, just by the window. I think the big blue windows look great – very welcoming and fun. On the table we have a selection of sauces.

Boojum Galway, Mexican Bar in GalwayMexican Restaurant galway, Boojum Galway

First bite….and we know! those guys know what they’re doing. Tacos vanish within minutes. Rather sooner than later, I will proudly wear Boojum’s t-shirt because I am definitely going back for more :)

Mucios gracias guys :)

Mexican Restaurant Bar Galway, Boojum Galway

Have you been to Boojum Galway? Let me know your thoughts :)


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